Ensuring The Quality Of Your Air Has Become A Whole Lot Easier

AmbiAir and Novearus products “The Coronavirus is evolving to spread more easily through the air” - August ‘21 GOV.UK

“In poorly ventilated areas, there is increased risk of spreading COVID-19 especially if there are infected people in the room. The virus remains long after an infected person has left” - September ’21 GOV.UK

We originally thought that the Corona virus was spread via surfaces, then droplets, but the past 18 months of intensive study by top experts from around the world, has allowed scientists to develop a deeper understanding of the virus and its transmission. It has been repeatedly and conclusively proven (for the current Covid variants), that Covid transmission is primarily airborne.

Proper ventilation is critical to reducing Covid risk indoors. The best way to assess and monitor ventilation levels is to use CO2 levels as a proxy. If there are high levels of CO2 it means that the ventilation levels are poor, and action needs to be taken.

AmbiAir combines discrete, connected hardware with intelligent software that not only monitors the CO2 levels throughout a building in real-time, but critically, predicts air quality degradation. This early notification allows for a proactive approach to risk management, identifying potential problem spaces before they become a high-risk environment.

However, not all areas can be sufficiently ventilated and often, no ventilation is available at all. Therefore, once problem areas have been identified taking action by instantly disinfecting the air we share and breathe indoors, is vital.

Novaerus NanoStrike air disinfection devices are medical grade and have been independently tested on live SARS-CoV-2 and proven to irreversibly deactivate 99.99% of ALL airborne viruses and bacteria.

 Battery powered and easy installed Real-time & predictive data Healthier & safer air Monitors CO2, temperature & humidity

  • No UV light
  • No trap filters
  • No harmful emissions or by products
  • Constant, safe, clean air for everyone, ALL of the time.

Ensuring The Quality Of Your Air Has Become A Whole Lot Easier