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Ask An Expert: 5 LED Lighting Myths Debunked

Steve Gardner, Managing Director, Eco UK Group By Steve Gardner, Managing Director, Eco UK Group

The use of LED lighting has skyrocketed in the last decade, with businesses now working harder than ever before to improve their energy efficiency and help tackle climate change. But while many businesses are more informed about the numerous benefits of LED lighting, there are still several aspects of this technology that are widely misunderstood by end users.

Stalling The EV Evolution

1 In 5 Commercial Electric Charging Point Installations Will Need To Be Reversed By 2025

  • Challenger brand, Electric Spinach, has launched in response to a lack of impartiality within the EV charging arena, fuelling unsustainable charging solutions
  • Electric Spinach, backed by investors, provides intelligent EV charging strategies based on meeting a brief, never manufacturer affiliation
  • The brand, led by specialists and technicians, is offering landlords and developers free EV site consultations until August 2021

EO charging point for electric vehicle

Electric Spinach, one of the UK’s first completely impartial EV charging solutions provider wholly focused on the built environment, has launched. Around a fifth of all charge points currently installed in UK commercial buildings will need to be reversed as they won’t be fit for purpose by 2025*. In response to this concerning industry issue, which is slowing the EV evolution, Electric Spinach aims to create a more fair and free market, offering landlords, developers and businesses straight forward and sustainable advice on EV charging strategies for the built environment.

Crossover Vehicles Ready To Cut Cleaning And Waste Carbon Footprint

SafeGroup's new hybrid vehicle MED

SafeGroup is investing in innovative hybrid cleaning and waste collection vehicles in a drive to make its services more responsive and sustainable for customers.

Duo Of British Doctors Innovate Air Purification Technology Deemed “Holy Grail” For Defence Against Airborne Viruses, According To Medical Experts

  • MedicAir is a UK based company manufacturing medical grade air purification technology that REMOVES 99.9% of all airborne diseases within an area of 27.5 m3.
  • Created by two British dentists with technology that is leading the field in the UK
  • The advanced system removes and destroys 99.9% of all airborne viruses – including well known surrogates of COVID‑19 – using ultra‑high 24w power UVC technology, 360‑degree air intake and a five‑stage filtration process.
  • Having developed MedicAir in 2019 specially for the dental profession, MedicAir ramped up production at the onset of COVID and was immediately invited to install the units in the NHS and private sector units in most major UK cities

Three people in an office

MedicAir is already safeguarding and transforming vulnerable spaces such as care homes, hospitals and offices as life slowly returns to normality. The MedicAir system is not just about solving the COVID problem, it is equally successful in combating the effects of hay fever, asthma and allergic reactions to dust and pet dander.

New Air Purifiers Launched By S&P To Improve Indoor Air Quality As Lockdown Eases

PAP 850 air purifier launched by S&P UK

A PAP 850 air purifier launched by S&P UK as part of a new range to help improve indoor air quality.

Ventilation specialists S&P UK has launched a new range of highly‑efficient air purifiers to help minimise the spread of airborne infections amid growing concerns over the long‑term impact of indoor air quality as the pandemic eases.

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