Social Enterprise Launches Investment Raise To Tackle Ongoing Asbestos Threat

UKNAR UK National Asbestos Register logo UK National Asbestos Register (UKNAR) investment opportunity targeting a 6% return to protect the public from the ongoing risk of asbestos exposures.

UK National Asbestos Register (UKNAR) is raising finance through Ethex, the UK’s positive investing platform, to raise £275,000 to develop their simple Asbestos SMART technology to better alert and inform people about the presence and dangers of asbestos.

Asbestos exposure is currently the UK’s biggest workplace killer. Asbestos is present in one in five workplaces and over 75% of schools and hospitals in the UK, resulting in 50,000 deaths per decade and costing the UK economy billions of pounds. UKNAR are building a national database and using QR technology to make everyone aware of the locations and presence of asbestos in workplaces and the care that needs to be taken not to disturb it.

The investment opportunity is targeting a 6% return and investments are IFISA or Social Investment Tax Relief eligible, for potential tax-free returns. The money invested will be used to:

  • Increase staffing and improve technical capability to ensure up to 10,000 more schools and 10,000 workplaces are on the asbestos register
  • Better safeguard millions of people from the risks of asbestos exposures in the UK by building a national register and raising awareness of the dangers it poses.
  • Develop and roll out their SMART QR technology that will make identifying the presence of asbestos easy via smart phones
  • Save the NHS and taxpayers up to £250,000 per mesothelioma case prevented.
  • Support the charity Mesothelioma UK, which will receive 5% of UKNAR’s annual Asbestos SMART license revenues.

In addition to helping tackle the ongoing risk of asbestos, the first 50 investors will be able to nominate a school to receive a FREE Asbestos SMART license worth £200.

Lisa Ashford, CEO of Ethex: “While all of us know of the danger asbestos poses, it is easy to underestimate the ongoing threat to the UK workplaces and schools. Through their work the UK National Asbestos Register are set to provide an ongoing solution to inform those at risk of harm, encourage preventative action. In turn, hopefully, saving many lives.”

Andy Brown, UKNAR Co-founder, added: “The tragedy of asbestos is that it’s still such a big problem in the 21st century despite it’s usage being banned in the 20th century. The great news is we can now use today’s technology to help responsible employers manage it more simply and safely to the benefit of us all: by preventing asbestos exposures we save everyone time and money and stop people from contracting the UK’s deadliest common cancer, mesothelioma.”

Please note that investing in the offers available on the Ethex platform puts your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Read the full risk warning on before deciding to invest.

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