Indoor Air Quality - Its Importance In The Rise Of The Smart Office

Indoor Air Quality Post Covid-19 pandemic, organisations which rely on any extent on a workforce being 'in-situ', are looking to future-proof their operations, strategies and working practises to minimise the impact of future 'out-breaks', variants and airborne viral transmissions.

Integrated solutions for providing the best working conditions, combine air monitoring and clean air technology to provide the safest indoor air possible.

Novaerus’ Nanostrike plasma technology provides the highest air purity without costly UV light which require regular replacement, gives off NO harmful emissions such as ozone and costs absolutely nothing to install. Plug in devices for any sized room with the lowest running costs of any air cleaning system. Just 0.08 pence per day.

Knowing what’s in the air is the first step of safeguarding staff, visitors and ultimately, your business. Therefore, any environment, space or building where the indoor air quality is not considered, can not be deemed as ‘smart’/

Just as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and power supplies are vital to the technology on which we all rely for the smooth running of any business, good IAQ increase cognitive ability and productivity. Without clean, safe air in which to work, employee absenteeism and therefore costs, rise.

  • Is medical grade.
  • Has been independently tested in over 30 laboratories worldwide.
  • Already deployed in many commercial buildings worldwide.
  • Irreversibly de-activates airborne viruses and bacteria at RNA/DNA level in a sub-second time frame.

Novaerus NanoStrikeTM has been proven to reduce SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, by 99.99%

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Indoor Air Quality - Its Importance In The Rise Of The Smart Office