Is Your Workspace Hygiene Up To Standard?

A Kensington keyboard being washed in a sink

Following the widespread Omicron Covid variant outbreak in the UK, many companies and employees are becoming increasingly concerned about the cleanliness of their workspace and accessories. In an age where hot desking is usual office protocol, keyboards and mice are prime hotspots for collecting germs.

Research* shows that the average desk harbours 20,961 germs per square inch - that’s in addition to 3,295 on the keyboard and 1,676 on a mouse. The pandemic has brought more attention to workplace illness and the necessary precautions staff must take to avoid it, with companies looking for equipment that can be disinfected easily without the risk of damage or degradation. Tech that can keep up with the demand to clean devices effectively and efficiently for multi-users is not only practical, but necessary for managing staff anxiety of returning to the office.

Kensington®, the worldwide leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business, and home office professionals, offers the washable Pro Fit® series as a solution keep desk germs at bay. Introducing the Kensington Pro Fit® Washable Keyboard and Wired Mouse.

These products feature a thin membrane to protect internal components, allowing users to fully immerse the keyboard and mouse in water to wash away food and drink debris or any other unwanted substances, if the USB connector is kept dry.

Kensington keyboard being dried after being washed

(Kensington Pro Fit® Wired Washable Keyboard £19.99, and Pro Fit® Washable Wired Mouse £24.99)

With products capable of withstanding repeated exposure to harsh cleaning agents now available, head into the office with confidence this year. By keeping up to date with the standards in government-approved cleaning protocols, you can protect yourself from viruses such as COVID-19.

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*, 2018

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Is Your Workspace Hygiene Up To Standard?