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ASFP Award Shortlisting For PTSG’s Neo

A PTSF Neo fire technician working on a wall-mounted fire alarm

Neo, part of Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG), has been shortlisted for Training & Development Of The Year 2021 at the ASFP Awards. The awards will highlight eight members of the fire protection industry and their outstanding achievements throughout the year 2021.

To be considered for the award, Neo had to demonstrate how it has developed its team and broadened its knowledge and understanding within the fire protection sector through the completion of multiple courses/training.

On announcing the finalists, ASFP said of Neo: “The large programme of activities delivered by Neo to numerous stakeholders in the past year is an outstanding achievement. The business has demonstrated its commitment to its staff and the wider community by developing knowledge around Passive Fire Protection.”

During the last twelve months, Neo delivered over 4,729 hours (equivalent to 197 days) of training and development directives including their professional career development and apprenticeship programmes and a scheme aimed at getting the unemployed back to work.

The company has invested over £44,000 into the training and development of all employees throughout the year, whilst further investment into the training and development scheme is projected for 2022.

Paul Teasdale, PTSG’s Group CEO, said: “As a new addition to our group, it is great to see this prestigious recognition that Neo have achieved from ASFP. Neo mirrors PTSG in the way it proactively develops up and coming talent in the industry, ensuring that our engineers have the skills, training and qualifications required to perform their highly specialised work to the highest level in each of our business divisions.”

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