Keeping Things Green In Ground Maintenance

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Daniel Took, Head of Product at Kärcher UK Professional Product discusses why battery powered solutions are ideal for every ground maintenance need.

As companies focus on their carbon footprint in all facets of their operations, a movement towards battery powered machinery is an ideal solution to reduce the requirement for harmful fossil fuels. Traditional landscaping machines such as hedge trimmers and chainsaws have predominantly been powered by petroleum, however recent advances in battery power offer a ‘green’ solution to a ‘green’ problem.

Technological advancements have resulted in increased levels of power output and improved performance. Able to last longer than ever before, the enhanced outputs help to drive machines through tough obstacles. This innovation helps to power through arduous challenges, increasing the uses and suitability of battery powered products to tackle the task at hand. Take hedge trimmers for example, previously battery powered hedge trimmers have struggled to cut through thick knots in hedges, but with the increased power output from the latest batteries they can easily slice through knots with low noise and zero emissions.

Combining battery power with the latest machinery technology ensures that the user can deliver to a professional standard every time. Battery operated professional lawn mowers, for instance, can meet speeds of over 3,000 rpm whilst having adjustable cutting heights to support the users needs. Offering a performance output on par with petroleum-based counterparts, grounds maintenance staff can be safe in the knowledge that they can keep up with their landscaping demands without the need for fossil fuels.

To support those operating across a range of machines, Kärcher has focused on developing a single range of batteries that can be used across a range of machines. Helping to decrease costs, the batteries effortlessly fit securely in a range of machinery to allow users to move from one to the other based on their needs. From chainsaws to leaf blowers, the same 36V batteries (available as 6Ah or 7.5Ah) can power each machine, reducing the need for an arsenal of batteries to meet demands.

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Many batteries on the market now contain Lithium-Ion technology. Lithium-Ion technology offers tremendous re-charge capabilities, allowing grounds maintenance staff to be safe in the knowledge that the batteries they use will work time and time again. Batteries can also be found that offer an intuitive real time LC-display to support those operating the machine. Users can find information including updates on the remaining run time of the machine and the charge left in the battery.

A huge benefit to batteries is the safety mechanisms that have been developed. New and improved battery housing enables the machines to be used safely in any condition. Kärcher’s Battery Universe platform allows for this through its polyamide construction. The polyamide coating ensures the battery is waterproof, shock resistance and extremely robust to avoid breakages from drops or if the user gets caught in the rain.

Additional safety functionalities such as built-in machine protections such as overload protection and temperature management ensure that the battery remains safe for users even during long usage. Alongside this, the internal programming in the machines means that added safety features can be included to help protect those working in the field. Additions such as cut protection help to shut the machines off if they are accidentally dropped or slip towards the user’s leg.

Batteries are increasingly becoming the way forward as businesses look for green solutions. The developments within the landscape and grounds maintenance sector ensures that battery powered products no longer need to be looked at unfavourably. Instead, they offer genuine solutions to everyday challenges, helping solve green problems in a green way.

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Keeping Things Green In Ground Maintenance