Schneider Electric Unveils A New Generation Of ComPacT Moulded-Case Circuit Breakers

Schneider circuit breaker

  • Schneider Electric builds on the solid reputation of ComPacT circuit breakers with new, simple wireless connectivity features and ergonomic improvements.
  • By retaining the same footprint as previous iterations, the new generation of ComPacT breakers simplifies retrofitting.
  • IoT-ready wireless auxiliaries and plug-and-play modules easily put data into the hands of users.

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, have announced a new generation of its ComPacT™ moulded-case circuit breakers. Featuring a refreshed design that retains the footprint of previous models, the new breakers are tailored for operational excellence and major simplification of maintenance activities.

The ComPacT range now comes connectivity-ready, and modular “plug-and-play” accessories expand the capacity for advanced monitoring capabilities. By keeping the new units the same shape and size as their predecessors, electrical professionals can easily retrofit breakers already in use. This also amplifies the opportunity to expand the capabilities of ComPacT breakers trans-generationally to unleash digital intelligence.

The simplified wireless connectivity feature revolutionises and enhances installing, maintaining, or upgrading the all-new ComPacT range. New wireless auxiliaries give users improved insight into their electric distribution system, to maximise power availability. By putting data in the hands of users anywhere, anytime, for increased monitoring and decision making, this advancement redefines how we work in the IoT age.

A major design improvement is the introduction of a semi-transparent front faceplate. This innovation makes it easy to see at a glance which auxiliaries are at work in the breaker, and that they are correctly positioned.

The ComPacT range continues to feature EverLink connectors for reliable and quick bare cable connections, as well as built-in DIN rails that allow the breakers to snap easily into place.

“With the new generation of ComPacT moulded-case circuit breakers, Schneider Electric further establishes its dedication to helping panel builders deliver correctly installed, state-of-the-art power distribution systems that enhance their reputation,” said Christos Archeos, Power Breakers Manager at Schneider Electric.