Essential Post-Lockdown Checks For X-Ray Security Scanners

Todd Research's TR15 and TR40 Cabinet X-Ray Scanners

Todd Research's TR15 and TR40 Cabinet X-Ray Scanners

Todd Research, one of the UK’s leading experts in X-ray security technology, is offering a thorough health check for X-ray scanners that have been dormant throughout lockdown, as well as guidance on what to consider before a scanner is switched on again. X-ray scanners are designed to be in constant operation and, if they are turned off for a long time, a variety of problems can arise, such as damage to critical components. The specialist service from Todd Research includes a thorough regeneration check, routine maintenance, and safety checks on radiation levels, irrespective of the make and model of the scanner. The company has also created a five-point checklist that will help users to ensure their X-ray machines continue to be used safely and effectively, in accordance with current regulations.

The service and checklist are especially important for facilities that have been refurbished during lockdown, where scanners have been moved and could have potentially been damaged; it is a legal requirement under IRR17 regulations to perform a critical examination following the relocation of an X-ray scanner. There may also have been a significant turnover of staff following the pandemic, and this is a very important consideration because users must have appropriate, up-to-date training and certification to operate scanners correctly. Todd Research can also provide comprehensive training if this is the case, whether that is for a designated radiation supervisor, or to give specialist operators the necessary skills for intelligent suspect package recognition and subsequent risk management.

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