Stalling The EV Evolution

1 In 5 Commercial Electric Charging Point Installations Will Need To Be Reversed By 2025

  • Challenger brand, Electric Spinach, has launched in response to a lack of impartiality within the EV charging arena, fuelling unsustainable charging solutions
  • Electric Spinach, backed by investors, provides intelligent EV charging strategies based on meeting a brief, never manufacturer affiliation
  • The brand, led by specialists and technicians, is offering landlords and developers free EV site consultations until August 2021

EO charging point for electric vehicle

Electric Spinach, one of the UK’s first completely impartial EV charging solutions provider wholly focused on the built environment, has launched. Around a fifth of all charge points currently installed in UK commercial buildings will need to be reversed as they won’t be fit for purpose by 2025*. In response to this concerning industry issue, which is slowing the EV evolution, Electric Spinach aims to create a more fair and free market, offering landlords, developers and businesses straight forward and sustainable advice on EV charging strategies for the built environment.

End of trip EV charging has become a highly critical issue for developers and landlords, looking to attract and retain EV drivers who have been identified as being the likely decision makers on office space occupancy. As EV charging technology and commercial requirements evolve, it is essential to put a bespoke, long‑term and scalable EV charging solution in place to bolster environmental accreditations. This is Electric Spinach’s point of difference; every brief received by Electric Spinach is treated individually by experts who scour the market for the very best in EV charging technologies for that specific project. Recommendations are given based on best fit, rather than manufacturer affiliations and partnerships.

Head of Operations at Electric Spinach, David Farr, says “Electric Spinach was created out of a desire to eradicate the ‘one‑size‑fits‑all’ approach to the EV charging market, which is damaging. A rapid and comprehensive roll out of scalable EV charging solutions is essential if EV mass adoption is going to take hold in the UK. Prospective clients historically had two options – to go direct to a manufacturer who will only offer one charging brand or technology or consult an electric engineer, with limited knowledge of available options”.

Electric Spinach span the entire market comparing and contrasting options with our client before building an intricate and bespoke strategy for them that will set them apart.

After a decade spent working with commercial landlords, councils and planning departments, the Electric Spinach team have an in‑depth and unique understanding of their opportunities and challenges and have used this knowledge and experience to help shape the ‘Electric Spinach methodology.’

Electric Spinach, a collection of EV industry experts, strategists and experienced technicians, offer superior end‑to‑end EV charging solutions that are tailored, cost effective, and scalable. As the EV charging landscape evolves, it is imperative for developers and landlords to be one step ahead - the Electric Spinach method is founded on devising charging strategies that are forward thinking and future proofed. Helping landlords to design mobility facilities that add value as well as turn heads.

As the EV revolution continues to propel forward in 2021, government grants, the 2030 ban on non‑EV vehicles and the impact of COVID 19, make for a most timely launch for Electric Spinach. The disruptor brand aims to educate and empower landlords, developers and councils to capitalise on all cost savings with the reassurance that their charging solution will go the distance. In addition to offering a 360 service, from initial brief to installation and management, Electric Spinach will also lead clients through the government grant application, simplifying the entire process.

Electric Spinach thinks that EV charging solutions should not only do good, but look good too. The brand is completely reimagining the aesthetics of EV charging and mobility solutions from top to bottom with a unique approach to design.

Artwork will not only liven up even the plainest parking space, branded wall decals will also work as signposting and floor art will double as non‑slip vehicle platforms. Injecting some fun and vibrancy to the UK’s built environment through an eye‑catching, colourful design, Electric Spinach will become a recognisable trademark, as well as a stamp of approval for both prospective landlords and tenants.

Electric Spinach is offering all prospective clients a free EV site consultation until the end of August 2021 to discuss their specific requirements as well as the following:

  • The future of EV charging for the built environment
  • Portfolio‑wide reviews of your EV Charging Strategies
  • Applying for the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)
  • A rundown of the latest EV charging technologies & available options
  • An introduction to the Electric Spinach brand and methodology

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*Based on latest UK data.

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