Arcus FM Takes A Step Closer To Becoming A Net-Zero Emissions Company

Arcus FM worker in front of company van.Arcus has achieved the CO2e Assessed Organisation Carbon Footprint standard, edging the company further along in its journey to becoming a net-zero emissions business.

Carbon Footprint Ltd has verified Arcus’ carbon footprint data for the financial year 2019/20, in accordance with ISO 14064 Part 3 (2019) and have confirmed that Arcus has established appropriate systems for the collection, aggregation and analysis of quantitative data for determination of greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Arcus welcomed the laws passed last year (June 2019), to get greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 and is focusing its efforts in helping the UK achieve this target.

Steve Willis, CSO of Arcus said: “By achieving the CO2e Assessed Organisation Carbon Footprint standard we now have an established and verified baseline to compare future carbon reductions against.

“We’re a business that is committed to sustainability and becoming an industry leader in this field. Climate change is a pressing issue for us all and Arcus wants to act as a responsible business by playing its role in helping the world avoid dangerous levels of climate change.”

Arcus is piloting plug-in hybrid and full-electric vehicles, as well as looking at other ways in which it can make its fleet, journeys and buildings more efficient. Arcus is now focusing the expansion of its data gathering and carbon footprint reporting to include additional ‘scope 3’ emission sources, including purchased materials, waste and water. The business is currently working on new initiatives to help reduce its emissions in these areas.