The FASET CSCS Card Goes From Strength To Strength

FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) logo The FASET CSCS card, which was launched on 1st February 2021, continues to be taken up by construction workers who work at height. 280 cards have now been issued.

The partnership between FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) and CSCS (the Construction Skills Certification Scheme) means that everyone who works at height – using equipment such as safety nets, edge protection, stair towers and platform decking – can provide proof they have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they perform. By ensuring the workforce is appropriately qualified, the FASET card plays its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites.

Less than a month after the launch of the FASET CSCS card, on 25th February, FASET announced it had already issued its 100th CSCS card. The card has continued to be a popular option, with 249 issued by the end of July and 280 issued by early September.

The new FASET CSCS card is issued through the Vircarda app, and is easily and securely checked via the GoSmart app or website: Card reads are retained within the app, so the person reading the card retains a record of the card they have scanned and the details on the card. (CSCS themselves are moving towards phasing out plastic cards.)

Commenting on the news Tony Seddon, Managing Director of FASET, said: “The partnership between FASET and CSCS was a huge step forward for temporary safety systems on UK construction sites. If someone arrives to install safety nets, stair towers, edge protection or platform decking, the site manager can quickly and easily check they are qualified just by viewing the details on their FASET card.

“The cards also have the checking and endorsement from GoSmart, via their app. Virtual cards make more sense as the details are stored securely, meaning there is no need for a physical card, which can be lost or damaged. It also means there is less plastic in circulation.

“Anyone holding the FASET card has considerable experience and knowledge of temporary safety systems. Gaining industry-wide recognition of their specialist skills and level of qualification was a logical move, with a big impact on height safety.”